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Colorado murder suspect arrested on North Coast

SOUTHERN HUMBOLDT - A Colorado Murder suspect on the run, accused of killing his 48-year-old wife in their home, was arrested Tuesday night by Humboldt area CHP.

CHP received information from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation that the murder suspect was expected to travel through Southern Humboldt County.

Around 6:30 Tuesday night, a CHP Officer saw the suspect's vehicle driving Northbound on 101 and made a stop with the assistance of Fortuna Police, Rio Dell police, and Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department.

The suspect, identified as Ralph Candelario, was stopped and arrested just north of Rio Dell. Also in the car was his 20-year old son. The son was briefly detained and then let go.

“We were able to get the suspect into custody without incident and the suspect was booked into the Humboldt County Jail on the felony warrant, without incident. This is really a good example of multiple agencies working together to get a very dangerous murder suspect who we believe to have committed a very horrendous crime off the streets,” CHP Officer Matt Harvey said.