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Community Bands Together To Save Stray Dog

A stray dog is now recovering from life saving surgery after members of the community came together to fund her surgery. Members of the community helped to raise the $5,000 dollars for her surgery that the Humboldt Animal Shelter could not afford.


Merida was found stuck in a fence near Trinidad severely malnourished and with two broken legs. The Humboldt County Animal Shelter took her in, but could not afford to pay for the one year old dog's surgery. Volunteers put out the word to the community and was able to raise the money.


It will take up to six weeks for Merida to recover. She was placed into a foster home Friday, and will be put up for adoption after her recovery.


Humboldt County Animal Shelter said they have seen more dogs than usual with injuries like Merida's. Several dogs need surgery they said, and will cost the shelter up to $17,000.