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Community leaders address child abuse, neglect at roundtable event

FORTUNA- More than 75 percent of residents in Humboldt County have had one or more adverse childhood experiences. Meaning, three fourths of our population has experienced some type of abuse, neglect or house hold dysfunction. That's according to a report by the Center for Youth Wellness and the topic of the Humboldt County Child Abuse Prevention Coordinating Council's roundtable on Thursday.

Nearly 180 people from across the North Coast including social and probation workers, tribes and community members gathered for a series of workshops about the effects of those experiences and how we can offset them as a community. Adverse childhood experiences can cause serious physical and mental effects.

During Thursday's event, presenters from several local organizations showed attendees strategies on how to mitigate long term problems.

"Individuals will be able to have some concrete tools to be able to work with children and families to help build resiliency to offset these adverse childhood experiences that they can then have a better outcome as an adult,"  CAPCC Chairperson Cindy Sutcliffe said.