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Community member heading project to update park in Arcata

ARCATA- The City of Arcata is working with neighbors near Greenview Park to update the almost fifty year old playground. One homeowner near the park has been spearheading the project and is planning to raise the money to make the park more accessible to children.

"It's just a little outdated," said Daniel Bixler, who has been working with the city on the park.

Bixler has been working with the Parks and Recreation department to organize the community to make updates to the park. Bixler said he is willing to write grants and fundraise money to make an 'inclusive park' that is accessible to children with disabilities. "This is a really great local neighborhood park that can meet all kid's needs," said Bixler.

The cost of an inclusive playground could cost upwards of $200,000 dollars. The city has committed to spend $40,000 on the project, but the remaining amount will have to be made through grants and fundraising.

Dan Diemer, Parks Superintendent, said the city has limited resources to devote to parks. "We can only do what we can afford," said Diemer.

Bixler is a local business owner and plans to raise the money through donations from local businesses. "We're going to start raising money. We're going to start writing grants, contacting people and really getting our fingers in the dirt," said Bixler.

Bixler hopes to start fundraising in January and, if fully funded, the project could be completed in two years.