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Community members see replica of Abraham Lincoln's hearse up-close

EUREKA- A replica of Abraham Lincoln’s Hearse, built by a group of veterans in Eureka over the last nine months, is leaving town on Tuesday.  It is on its way to a ceremony for the 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s Burial.

On Monday, the Blue Ox School for Veterans held Day 2 of its open house, allowing the community to see the hearse up close. The replica will go on to Arizona next for further assembly with other parts created by veterans around the Country.  It will then be flown to Springfield, Illinois, for the anniversary ceremony this May. However, organizers say the replica is more than just a historical memento, it has helped change the lives of local veterans.

"It allowed us to work for a president who is no longer with us, the 16th president, it also allowed us to participate in the lives, in a meaningful way, to help nourish and give hope back to these veterans who might be still searching after years from the battlefield.  So it's important that we recognize this.  This is about our veterans and the icon of our freedom that was reverse engineered and recreated by our combat veterans," said PJ Staab f the Staab Family, which is helping organize the funeral ceremony in Springfield, Illinois.