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Community offering ways to give back to Wednesday's Fortuna fire victims

FORTUNA- Main street is now open to two-way traffic in downtown Fortuna, two days after a fire consumed five businesses.

Clean up continues around the historic star hotel building as crews work to clear charred debris from the area. Although the building is completely destroyed, the businesses say they are not giving up. In the aftermath, local stores are offering their space and services to the business lost in the fire. But you don't have to be a local business to help out. There are now several ways you can lend a hand.

"A lot of people on Main Street due to the fire didn't do any business for a couple of days and I think really what we want to say right now is come to Fortuna, walk into these businesses and please spend a few bucks," Precision Intermedia Employee Rod Allen said. "You know, because the businesses that actually were displaced, you could call it ground zero. They will be back and they're looking for places right now to move into and reopen their businesses."

A Go Fund Me site has also been set up to help the businesses lost in the fire. All funds raised will be split equally between the five. You can donate by going to

Another way you can help out is to volunteer. A list of volunteers is being created. If interested in participating email: The city of Fortuna and Hops in Humboldt are also planning a benefit for those affected by the fire. That event is scheduled for February 27th at the River Lodge.

Finally, although no person was injured during the blaze, horizon business products is reporting an animal casualty. They do not believe their cat Gidget made it out safely.