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Computer calendar system installed at Humboldt County Superior Court

EUREKA- If you have been to Humboldt County Superior Court today or yesterday, you may have noticed a change in the court calendar system on the walls.

The Orange County Superior Court gave $70,000 worth of all-in-one computers to the Humboldt County Superior Court after updating their equipment.  The more than 20 computers are now on walls throughout the Humboldt County Superior Court and the information in them is updated every 30 minutes.  The computers were put up over the weekend.  Court officials say the old system of using paper for court calendars took up more staff time than the electronic calendar system because staff would have to print calendars from the case management system, copy them, and post them daily.  The new system will also save paper, but there are more reasons court officials say the electronic calendar system is an improvement. 

"And to also provide the public with more current information about the calendars.  Sometimes cases get moved between courtrooms.  Sometimes dates get changed and this way they're a little bit more current than printing a calendar in the morning and posting it," said Kerri Keenan, the Court Executive Officer of Humboldt County Superior Court.