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Computer Science Education Week enhanced with “Hour of Code”

EUREKA – Students at Ridgewood School are learning the basics of computer coding, something educators believe is valuable for his generation.

“The kids use computers. They use devices. They are exposed to computer technology all the time and really don't have any background about where that comes from or how it works so we're just giving them a little taste of how all that is developed,” Principal Susan Ivey explained.

The school, that serves transitional kindergarten through second grade, is joining schools around the globe in Hour of Code, a supplement to Computer Science Education Week.

“The goal of our code and Computer Science Education Week isn't that we churn out a bunch of programmers by the end of the week but it’s just that they have a basic understanding of what the fundamental aspects of computer science are,” Mr. August Deshais, a kindergarten teacher at Ridgewood School, said. provides lesson plans that appropriately meet student’s abilities from kindergarten to high school. For this kindergarten class, the lesson was unplugged and hands on. Vincent played the robot while the rest of the students directed his movement with symbols.

“Given that programing, computer science is one of the fastest growing fields in our economy and chances are, far more children are going to be entering this field than currently are, we just think it's important for children to have exposure to it,” Mr. Deshais added.

It is estimated that 90 million children will participate in Hour of Code across the globe this week.