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Congressman Huffman holds Town Hall meeting regarding Post Office services

EUREKA- Congressman Jared Huffman was in Eureka on Friday afternoon at the Wharfinger Building, discussing upcoming changes to Post Office services in the area.

The town hall meeting on Friday was about plans by the United States Postal Service to close the Eureka Mail Processing Center starting in July of 2015.  Congressman Huffman has been opposed to the proposal, saying it will disrupt mail delivery, cause job loss and damage the local economy.  He says this decision is not the right way to solve the financial issues of the USPS. 

"I know this affects communities.  I know this will affect the level of service.  I'm concerned for a third reason, I think this is part of a broader erosion of the postal service itself, which I do not support.  For lots of reasons, I care about this.  I want to hear from the community.  Ideally we would have the postal service representatives here to listen.  They have declined to attend so we're going to take the feedback we get tonight and try to take it to them to try to keep pushing back against what I think are bad ideas," said Congressman Huffman.