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Congressman Huffman visits Del Norte Airport

The Border Coast Regional Airport Authority Board called a special meeting at the Del Norte County Airport Thursday to welcome Congressman Jared Huffman.

The Congressman is traveling around the North Coast for a few days this week. He made a stop at the airport to see the progress of ongoing runway safety improvements. It's a project he and his staff have been working on in partnership with local representatives.

“Airports in communities like Crescent City are really lifelines. Without an airport like this, without the commercial air service, without the lifeline health care service that you see behind me, you can be quite isolated and nobody wants that to happen. So in addition to the work that is happening on the runway, I’m going to be going to bat for the federal program that helps fund a lot of this. It's called essential air services; part of the transportation budget. And I just got an assignment to the transportation committee so I’m excited that that may give me a chance to really go to bat for Del Norte County,” Congressman Jared Huffman said.

And while the meeting was in session, the Airport Authority Board also updated Huffman on a possible new air service provider. The current airline provider, Sky West, has made its intentions clear to end services to the airport as soon as legally possible. But airport officials have been working with another airline that may be promising.

“Peninsula Airways, which is a full coach air with Alaska Airlines, has expressed quite a bit of interest in our market and we've been working closely with them on that. And we’re very enthusiastic and very optimistic with respect to that. I think it would be a wonderful opportunity for Crescent City and Peninsula Air,” Matthew Leitner, Del Norte County Airport Manager, said.