Congressman Jared Huffman visits Fortuna’s Multi-Generational Center

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FORTUNA- Congressman Jared Huffman was in Fortuna Tuesday visiting the city’s Multi-Generational Center (MGC). The center was the first stop in his two-day visit to Humboldt County this week.

“I visit Humboldt County every several weeks. It is an important part of the district I represent and I’m glad that in this visit I was able to come here to Fortuna and be at the Multi-Generational Center and hear about the incredible community building and community service that is going on here,” Huffman said.

At the MGC, the congressman met with local business owners and officials for a luncheon.

“We're really excited that the congressman was in the area and we are at the MGC very excited about sharing our message,” said Trina Pockett, MGC Executive Director.

Back in the Fortuna after securing almost 59 percent of Humboldt County votes in June’s primary election, the congressman says that he hopes this visit will help him learn more about what Humboldt County wants done in Washington.

“It was a great chance for me to kind of understand the great energy that is taking place here and there is a story here going on in Fortuna about a community really coming together and doing some exciting things so just a really great opportunity for me to be part of that today,” Huffman said.

Along with his visit to the MGC, Congressman Huffman also visited a ranch in Ferndale for an agricultural issues meeting and then met with local health officials to discuss healthcare reform.

“I try to always meet with healthcare providers whenever I am in different parts of my district because health care and getting this healthcare reform right is a really important part of my job,” Huffman said.

His two-day visit to the county will end in Eureka where the congressman will talk to local law enforcement and resource agencies about marijuana growth on public land and land owned by others.