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Construction crews demolish blighted building

CRESCENT CITY- Construction crews demolished an old blighted building in Crescent City on Tuesday morning. Once an apartment complex, city officials said the building located in the 800 Block of G Street had become a hangout for transients. Working to clean up the neighborhood, the city tried to get the property owner to fix up the place for the last two years. After efforts proved unsuccessful, the property then went into receivership. Mayor Rick Holley explained why the city chose to demolish the old building, "it improves the community has a whole. And Crescent City is kind of a showplace here next to the ocean, and to have this kind of a property that close to where we do our recreation it not a positive thing. We are hopeful that some kind of a project will happen on this property."
The city of Crescent City is working to tear down blighted buildings across the city. It’s all part of its Blight Abatement Program.