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Construction underway at East High School in Fortuna

FORTUNA- Construction is underway at East High School in Fortuna where the school district is building a brand new facility for students.

East High is a continuation campus for students who have fallen behind on credits. Nearly 100 students attend classes at the school. The previous portable building that had classrooms for the students was torn down at the beginning of the summer to make room for the brand new facility.

“1967 is when it was placed,” said Fortuna Union High School District Superintendent Glen Senestraro. “Everything was falling apart. There were holes in the floor, we had a rodent problem and maintenance on it was just becoming a band-aid rather than actually fixing things and you know, these kids deserve a good facility like anybody else does and so it was time for us to be able to do that.”

The new facility is a modular building, made up of ten pre-built sections. School officials say they have experienced delays in construction due problems transporting the building sections to Fortuna using highway 36. However, they say the facility is still scheduled to be completed by the beginning of the school year.

The construction was made possible through state and local funding.

“We also had some modernization funds that we got from the state and of course we passed a bond in the last couple of years that allows us to be able to make this our first priority,” Senestraro said.