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Council finalizes ordinance proposing raising the minimum wage in Eureka

EUREKA- Final steps were taken Tuesday night to put an ordinance on the November ballot that would raise Eureka’s minimum wage.

Last year, city council members voted to put the Eureka Fair Wage Act on the November ballot.  If passed, the ordinance would increase the minimum wage for businesses that have 25 or more employees and are within Eureka City limits.  The act also would make employee wages increase every year based on the consumer price index.  At Tuesday night’s meeting, council approved a resolution which laid out the exact language that will go on the November ballot.  City officials say residents can expect to hear the view some council members have on the Eureka Fair Wage Act within the next month.

"One of the other resolutions the council approved also allows the council, through state law, to do a 300 word statement, either for or against the minimum wage act.  So in a sense, each council member will have the opportunity to make their opinion known to the public, and that becomes a part of the written record," said Greg Sparks, the Eureka City Manager.