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Council looking to address parking in Arcata

ARCATA- The Arcata City Council is considering funding a parking study that could address parking issues within the city. On Wednesday's council meeting the Chief of Police will present options to the city to address the parking needs of residents, businesses and visitors.

"There have been parking issues for many years in the city," said Vice Mayor Michael Winkler.

The city has met with community members before to address issues and problems with parking. Winkler said the majority of complaints surround overflow parking from Humboldt State University, parking downtown and preferential parking, which only allow permitted residents to park in certain areas.

If the council adopts the proposed study it would cost $125,000. Winkler said the study would solve problems within Arcata. "The police department is there to do law enforcement. They're not experts on parking," he said.

Bob Stewart is an Arcata resident and said he has experienced problems with parking in Arcata before. Stewart said he has trouble backing out of the parking spots closest to the plaza that back into traffic.

Stewart said he does not have trouble finding parking, but said he could imagine out of town drivers do. "We know where to go," he said.

Employees at the businesses downtown need to park blocks down from where they work or move their car every two hours to avoid a ticket.

Tim Silva works downtown and said parking used to be a problem when he worked early mornings. Silva said downtown employees get their share of parking tickets.

"I think it's something you come to expect," said Silva.