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County discusses cleanup plans for former Pulp Mill site

EUREKA- On Thursday county officials with the Economic Development Department met with the public to discuss the county's Brownfield Program. Brownfields are pieces of land previously used for industrial use, which may be contaminated by hazardous substances. 
In phase one of a county staff report officials said there were nearly thirty environmental recognized conditions on the site that may indicate contamination. The county is now in the process of phase two to determine what kind of contamination is present.
Economic Development Specialist Andrew Whitney said, "A phase two site assessment actually involves sampling the soils, water, materials around the site to determine what types of contamination are on the site. After the phase two we are generating what is called alternative brownfield clean up options, it is a document that spells out the different methodologies that might be used to clean up the site."
Three years ago the county received $200,000 in federal funds to assess the brownfield, and they plan to apply for an additional $200,000 EPA grant to help clean up the site.