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Covered California Deadline Monday night at 11:30 PM But...

The deadline to sign up for Covered California and the Affordable Care Act is Monday night, March 31st at 11:59 pm.

People who at lease begin applications by the deadline, will have until April 15th to complete the process. A last minute reprieve of sorts was issued this afternoon.

Covered California officials admit the staggering demand is causing technical difficulties on their web site and waiting time in phone cues. Consumers who have had difficulties can contact a certified representative, let them know your difficulties and consumers will have until 11:59 pm April 15th to work with an “assister” to complete the application and choose a plan.

Those uninsured who bypass the deadline and do not qualify for MEDI-CAL will have to wait until 2015 to obtain insurance. That is unless they experience a life-changing event. Those events would include: getting married, having a baby or losing a job.

Citizens can continue to apply for MEDI-CAL after the Covered California deadline. For more information go to: or call 1-800-300-1506.