Coveted gun stolen, owner privately investigates

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EUREKA- A Eureka man is taking things into his own hands and trying to track down the person who stole a gun from inside of his home.
"It puzzles me that something like this could happen in this kind of neighborhood," said stolen gun owner Dave Silverbrand.
In July Silverbrand said his Thompson sub-machine gun was stolen from his home in Eureka, a gun highly coveted by collectors, but something that means more to Silverbrand,
"That gun is a family heirloom, it is important to me and so things that are important to me I am always taking a visual check to see if they are where they are."
One morning he said he was working at his desk when he noticed things had been shifted and moved around. Instinctively, he went to check on the gun, and it was gone, which then prompted Silverbrand to start investigating. 
He went onto Craigslist to search for local postings about his gun and found his first lead,
"I got a response right away, a woman said there is shady character that lives next door to me, so I went over to that house,” he said. Silverbrand turned up empty until two months later when a stranger came to his door asking if he had a Thompson gun for sale. He said that was when he realized that whoever took his gun knew him and knew where the gun was hidden.
The police are involved with the investigation but Silverbrand said he is taking it into his own hands,
"I am convinced they are doing what they can, but there is only so much they can do," he said.
Above all, he said he is determined to find the culprit,
"This is one of the most important things in the world to me and I am going to bring them to justice."