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Crab catch in Humboldt County lower than recent years

HUMBOLDT COUNTY- This year, Humboldt County has been experiencing a low crab catch compared to recent years.

Fish and Wildlife officials say the last few years saw high amounts of crab being caught in the area.  Last year, nearly 6 million pounds of crab were caught in Humboldt County.  However, this year, only up to 2.5 million pounds of crabs are expected to be caught.  The crab season ends on July 15th.  Experts say high and low crab catches come in several year cycles and depend on a variety of environmental factors.  Local crab fishermen say this year is definitely not as good a year for crabs as last year in Humboldt County.

"Across the fleet, guys are talking about where they are or where they think the crab are and they give each other tips, and there's just not a lot of crab around.  Even the main guys, the high-liners, they're getting their crab but they're not hitting it like they usually do.  The pots aren't as full as they're supposed to be," said Jason Tunzi, a local crab fisherman.