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Crabbers bring in their catches on opening day of crab season

EUREKA - It's the first day crabbers can legally possess a crab and they are taking full advantage trying to get as many crabs as they can, but it’s not been without it’s challenges.

Most crabbers started their morning at four or earlier heading out to sea. They leave early because crabbing in the dark can be more successful. On average, these boats go about five to 12 miles out where they run their traps. They then bring their catches back in to the bay and up to the dock to sell.

One crabber's first day of crabbing wasn’t everything he had hoped for. David Bitts says the ocean conditions are fine but as the sun came up this morning, the conditions turned sour with wind going against the current. He and his crew came back in this afternoon but are planning on going out again after dark. 

"Typically, the first day's catch is the best because once we've removed the first days catch from the water, there are fewer crabs and so on through the season. So, if it wasn't good today, who knows. Probably not going to be good," Bitts said.

David Bitts says the first day can be a good indicator but it is too early to tell for sure the quality of this season’s crabbing.