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Crabbers set their pots, buyers prepare their stores for first crab catch

NORTH COAST- After nearly two weeks on strike due to a fifty cent price dispute, crabbers hit the water Thursday, and while they are setting their pots, buyers are preparing their stores.
"Crab season is a very important part of my business," said Mr. Fish Seafood owner Mark McCulloch.
Crab season makes up to thirty percent of his yearly total sales, "If I do not have crab season for Christmas, Santa goes right past my house" said McCulloch.
Despite the late start this year, McCulloch said the first catch of fresh crab is expected to arrive just in time for his busiest month. "This year is going to be better than last year for the fact that we will have local crab for Christmas. Last year we did not have local, I had crab from out of the area," he said.
McColluch said his business sees thousands of pounds of crab, but if the season is slow, the first few months are the best times to buy, "As soon as the crab cooker gets going, the steam comes out lines are building and people are scrambling for a position in line and it gets crazy."
But although the season is predicted to be shorter than others, he said fresh crab should be available soon, "Hopefully we will have crabs tomorrow, Saturday that is, whether there will be lines at that point, it is a possibility."