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Crescent City Fire Agencies merge to form Crescent City Fire and Rescue

CRESCENT CITY - Crescent City’s Fire Protection District and Volunteer Fire Department are now becoming one. 

The two have worked closely for the past ten years and developed the idea to merge during an October strategic planning meeting. The two entities recently took a vote and are moving forward with the merge, under the title, Crescent City Fire and Rescue. Both agencies are working with City Council and the Protection District Board on a new contract. The change is expected to go into effect july 1st.

"We were operating basically the same area, rarely did we have mutual aid or any help from the other agency, and over the last 10 years we have continued to kind of grow together and train together and work together more and more all the time, to where we were kind of doing what we're getting to do now. It's just something that kind of grew out of necessity," said Stephen Wakefield, Crescent City Fire Chief.