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A Crescent City man dies in accidental shooting

CRESCENT CITY- A Crescent City man was shot to death by his brother. The Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office said they believe it’s an accidental shooting.
The incident happened on Friday around 2:30pm at a residence on Whaleview Court. Authorities told us 21-year-old Cameron Anderson of Grants Pass Oregon, handed his brother, 19 year old Kyle Anderson a 9mm pistol in an unsafe manner. This action caused the gun to go off, Kyle was hit and died at the scene.
As for his brother Cameron, he was arrested on suspicion of involuntary manslaughter and child endangerment. That charge stems from there being small children nearby at the time of the shooting. 
His bail hearing is on Friday. However, deputies tell us that he will most likely be released considering it was deemed an accident.