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Crews work to clear nearly 15,000 lbs of trash from Eel River bar

FORTUNA- Crews began working to remove nearly 15,000 lbs of trash along the eel river bank Friday. The debris was left behind from transients living in the area, ordered to leave the property.

After clearing nearly 6,000 lbs of trash from the area in January, the River Life Foundation, with the help of the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office SWAP crew worked Friday to remove what remained.

"There's tarps, tents, old carpeting, there's even some kids toys," Sean Swanson, founder of the River Life Foundation, said. "This time, it's so bad that we went to the county and the county went to eel river disposal and eel river stepped up and gave us a dumpster. So we're responsible for not going over the weight and hopefully we're not going to go over the weight. I know that I won't get all of the trash into that dumpster."

The McLean Foundation also awarded river life foundation with a mini grant to help take care of dumping costs. The clean up will extend into Saturday with volunteers and crews from the California Conservation Corps taking part.

Although this area does continue to get re-populated over time, the Sheriff's Office says deputies and fish and game wardens will now be patrolling the area from Fernbridge to the Van Duzen, issuing tickets to anyone found camping illegally.