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Criminologist testifies during Warren hearing, blood found on Warren's clothing

EUREKA- As the preliminary hearing for double-homicide suspect Jason Warren continues, we learned Friday from CHP officer testimony that a piece of the car found at the scene of the fatal hit and run in Freshwater matched the same car found just a few hours later in Eureka.
Warren is facing two counts of Murder and two counts of Attempted Murder after he allegedly killed Hoopa woman Dorothy Ulrich at her home, took her car, and then later the same morning intentionally ran down three joggers on Myrtle Avenue.
On Friday the prosecution called a Department of Justice criminologist to the stand who said multiple pieces of Warren’s clothing including his shoes tested positive for blood. It is unknown yet whose blood it was but experts said dog hair found on the front of the car matched runner Jessie Hunt's dog, Maggie, who was also killed that same morning.
The hearing will continue Monday morning. Stay with News Channel 3 as the story develops.