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Cruise officials asking for input from Humboldt County residents

EUREKA- The Port of Humboldt Bay is the newest member of Cruise the West, a group of West Coast port authorities who recruit cruise lines.

At Tuesday night’s City Council meeting, Cruise the West's Vice President, Bruce Conner, spoke with the council. Conner told the council that Humboldt Bay has the infrastructure to support cruise ships. He also provided a list of proposed tours for passengers he will submit to cruise lines. If the cruise lines select Humboldt Bay, ships could come as soon as 2017. Now, he’s asking for Humboldt County residents to submit ideas for possible tours as long as they are under 6 hours and can be enjoyed by 40 to 50 people.

"I want to make sure everybody gets an opportunity for me to tell the cruise line what's here. So if there's something that's a draw and I miss that, I just need every tool I can to make sure they recognize this is a great place to stop.  So I need help.  I'm asking the community, 'Let's all get together here about Humboldt Bay,' and I'll share that with the cruise lines," said Conner.

You can submit ideas to Bruce Conner by emailing him at