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Cruise ships possibly coming to Humboldt Bay

The Humboldt Bay Harbor Working Group held it’s monthly lunch on Wednesday, and attracting more cruise ships to Humboldt Bay was the topic of discussion.

Eureka City Council Member Chet Albin, along with the Humboldt Bay Harbor Working Group, the Humboldt Bay Water District and other members of the community are working to make Humboldt Bay a cruise ship destination. Eureka city officials say cruise industry statistics indicate more than $1 million can go into the local economy for every cruise ship that stops in Humboldt Bay. One aspect of the initiative discussed at the luncheon was the need to refurbish Dock B in Eureka, in order to make it able to load and offload cruise passengers. That project could cost about $5 million. Eureka city officials say bringing cruise lines to Humboldt would provide benefits to more areas than just the City of Eureka.

"Our fishing industry is down.  Our logging industry is down. ost of our economy is down here and this is something that could really revitalize the harbor and revitalize Humboldt County," said Eureka City Council Member Chet Albin.

The next step is for the initiative to be placed on the Eureka City Council agenda. Council member Albin says he expects that to happen in the next two months.