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Cutten Elementary School celebrates music in schools month

EUREKA- Music is an important part of child education, especially at Cutten School District. Katri Pitts, a music teacher at the Cutten and Ridgewood Elementary School Districts said, ”It’s really beautiful for me to see so many kids, every child in the district receiving what I think every child should receive in terms of their music education.” March is music in schools month and Katri Pitts is the music teacher for the Cutten and Ridgewood Elementary School Districts. She teaches a music class to every kindergartner through sixth grader, once a week.

She said, “It helps them develop mentally in so many ways because making music and the arts in general are so much a part of being human. I also think it helps them build strong relationships with their peers and the community around them.” The children sing, dance, and move around in music class. Student, Wyatt Hemmingsen said, “I like Mrs. Pitts and the way she teaches us how to play music and I like playing the drums and the bells.” There are a slew of instruments the kids are able to use during class. “We do a lot of work with xylophones, glockenspiels and other percussion,” said Mrs. Pitts.

Mrs. Pitts helped kick start the full-time music program in 2007 but after building it up, for about two years it looked like the music program would need to be cut by 20-percent due to funding. The Cutten Ridgewood Student Foundation raised the money to keep the program full time and now the school district is fully funding the program again.

Student, Jadin Kahoalii said, ”Mrs. Pitts.. she can teach you instruments and I play the cello and I really like it and she makes it easier.” Mrs. Pitts said, ”In terms of my what my dreams are this is it.” The Cutten and Ridgewood schools will hold a Spring Concert June 4th at Eureka High School.