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Day two for the Native American Activism Conference at HSU

ARCATA - The Native American Activism Conference continued Monday at HSU with a number of guest speakers.

Organizers say, the turnout the second day was bigger. The event opened with traditional songs and prayer. Speakers from around the country came to lecture on environmental justice, legal observation and jail support, native resistance to the Keystone XL Pipeline, Klamath fish wars and education. The Unified Students of Humboldt Panel and the Civil Liberties Defense Center say, this event aligns with the national holiday and work of Martin Luther King Jr.

"Because that's what he fought for and we have a paid holiday for him, that the whole country observes, because of what he did. So, we're trying to emulate that, with this,” said Civil Liberties Defense member and HSU student, Peter Mueller.

“Not only, do we an indigenous peoples, live amongst everybody, we're not gone. We haven't been killed. Regardless of how much the country has tried to make that happen, we're here and we're actually coming together,” said Unified Students of Humboldt member, Andrew Perera.