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Deaf students in Humboldt County getting access to iPads thanks to grant

HUMBOLDT COUNTY- Five deaf students in Humboldt County are receiving iPads thanks to a $3,000 grant.

The Special Education Local Plan Area, which works with school districts to properly serve students with special needs, received the grant from Humboldt Sponsors. The iPads were delivered on Wednesday, which are going to the deaf students in Humboldt County who use interpreters. Students will use the iPads to create their own sign language dictionaries. In addition, teachers and interpreters will supplement educational lessons for the kids using the iPads.

"One of the main reasons for getting these iPads is to help kids communicate with each other via face time.  These students are sometimes the only deaf student in their entire school and their peers don't often know how to communicate with them via American sign language, so this will be a great way to connect them with other students here and in other areas," said Laura Hernandez, the Itinerant Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teacher for SELVA.