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December babies go home in holiday stockings at Redwood Memorial

FORTUNA- Redwood Memorial Hospital’s New Beginnings Maternity Center has been celebrating Christmas all month long with a very special gift for newborn babies.

So far this month 23 babies have been born at the hospital. As part of a month long holiday celebration, each child born in the month of December goes home in their very own Christmas stocking and knit hat. The stocking program has been going on for a little over six years now and was started by a volunteer at the hospital. As part of the tradition, volunteers band together to sew the stockings and knit the hats each year for the newborns. Hospital workers say the program is a small way to give back to new moms and make their child’s birth that much more special.

“I think anytime you know, with a new baby it's a special time and so we offer different things throughout the year. At Easter we do special things and moms often times get, you know, the first annual basket for the New Year baby and things like that,” SAID laurie garrison, Director Of Nursing at Redwood Memorial Hospital. “It's just a special time and anything we can do to help make it more special is what we're looking for.”