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December ends with most traffic collisions on record according to CHP

NORTH COAST- The California Highway Patrol is stepping up enforcement New Year’s Eve in an effort to keep impaired drivers off of the roads.
According to the CHP the month of Dec. has resulted in the most traffic collisions on record. Officers said about 120 collisions were reported, averaging out to about four-per day. The icy weather and harsh road conditions were partly to blame, but officers believe the extra enforcement period during New Year’s celebrations will deter impaired drivers from hitting the roads.
Officer Matt Harvey said, “We are going to be very aggressive coming into 2014, we are going to be out in full force, we are going to have every available CHP unit out making traffic stops, looking for DUI drivers, looking for unbelted occupants. Speed is going to be a big thing that we are looking at. We have got to do some things in Humboldt County to reduce the amount of traffic collisions we have taken recently.”
The enforcement period will begin Tuesday night starting at 6 p.m. and will end midnight New Years Day.