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Del Norte board of supervisor’s welcome new airport director

CRESCENT CITY – The Del Norte County Board of Supervisors welcomed a new airport director, Matthew Leitner, at their meeting Tuesday morning.

Leitner assumed the position at the beginning of October. He is an Oregon native but comes via North Dakota where he served as an airport manager.

Leitner joins the airport team at an exiting time as they work toward a lengthened runway and a new terminal.

Leitner says it is a dream to work on the North Coast. He is an avid photographer and is taking full advantage of the beauty of our outdoors.

"While I was the airport manager of Jamestown Regional Airport, we accomplished a myriad of things, including but not limited to a new terminal, new jet airline service, new hanger, new snow removal equipment which thankfully we don’t have to worry about too much around here, which is great. Electronic access gates, runaway lighting, so there was a lot that we didn’t in four years and I look forward to repeating some of those successes here,” Leitner said.