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Del Norte County Board of Supervisors working to get measure to separate from California on June ballot

CRESCENT CITY- The Del Norte County Board of Supervisors is drafting a measure for residents to vote on whether or not they would be in favor of separating from California to form a new state.

"Nothing we want to do through our legislature is going to be done because we're so overwhelmed by southern and central California. We just don't have the clout in Sacramento," said Aaron Funk, the Coordinator of the Del Norte County Jefferson Declaration Committee.

The Board of Supervisors on Tuesday voted 3 to 2 to create an advisory measure asking voters if they would like to separate from California.  They are working to draft the resolution so that the decision to become a part of the state of Jefferson appears on the primary ballot in June.  The separation into the State of Jefferson has already been approved by other Northern California counties.  Officials say they want to work quickly to get the vote done sooner rather than later.

"This issue should be heard now.  There's no reason that we shouldn't have this matter heard by the people at the earliest possible time.  And June 3rd happens to be the earliest possible time.  To wait until November, I think we lose some of the impact of this movement and it falls off the radar screen," said Roger Gitlin, a member of the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors.

If the matter does pass, the Board of Supervisors could then draft a resolution of support to submit to the state government.