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Del Norte County Sheriff Erik Apperson sworn in

CRESCENT CITY - It was standing room only as the new Sheriff and other elected officials took the oath of office in the county courtroom this afternoon.

Sergeant, now Sheriff, Erik Apperson beat out incumbent Sheriff Chris Doehle for the position in November’s elections. Apperson grew up in Del Norte County, beginning his career as a police officer, rising to sergeant with the Crescent City Police Department. And now, taking the position of County Sheriff. Apperson says the role of sheriff has been a dream of his from a very early age. He assumes the role immediately and has big plans for his new position.

“I want to bring some transparency to the Sheriff's Office. I want to bring more of a public involvement. I think we have a lot of great staff there, some young staff as well as some seasoned staff.  And I think those together, we're going to just have a really good opportunity to foster in a new era there,” Sheriff Apperson said.