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Dental bus visits Fortuna's California Conservation Corps

FORTUNA- Seventy Fortuna California Conservation Corps members are getting needed dental treatment this week.

Last July corps members lost dental coverage from the state. On Thursday, the Open Door Health Clinic dental bus began providing those services on site. Fortuna's Corps base is the only one out of 20 across the state to bring dental services to it's members.

The bus is providing services from cleaning to fillings, all while parked in the corps' parking lot. Organizers say they're offering the services regardless of coverage. For those without insurance, clinic representatives are helping them find an affordable plan.

"I think it's also been very educational for many of us here," California Conservation Corps Member Jennifer Spear Said. "Some people didn't seem to think that it was very important at first and when you talk to them more about it, it sort  of starts to click, why it is so important. So I think that was also a really big benefit that, you know, when you start to talk to someone about something, then it really oh this should be part of my life and not just a one day event that happens where you live."

The Corps' newly formed Community Advisory Board helped bring in the dental bus. The bus will be on site for one more day and clinic representatives say those who need more extensive care like root canals will be treated at their dental center.