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Deputy cleared in McKinleyville officer involved shooting

EUREKA- A Humboldt County Sheriff's deputy who shot a suspect last December did not violate procedure according to the county's Critical Incident Response Team.

Deputy Scott Aponte shot 25 year old Andrea Frances Hunsucker in her left wrist when she allegedly attempted to run the deputy over last December in McKinleyville on Chapel Hill Road.

A shooting review board made up of nine investigators from the D.A's office, Eureka and Arcata police, the State Department of Justice and CHP have been investigating the case since December. Aponte, a 7 year employee with the sheriff's office, returned from administrative leave at the end of January.

"We've done this for years and years and years," Lt. Wayne Hanson with the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office said. "We have the other officers get involved with other departments that way you have the neutrality. There's nothing being hidden,. It's all up front and different perspectives and investigators looking at it, so there's no cover up going on everyone is looking at it and they meet as a team and discuss."

Hunsucker is on EPD's most wanted list for six warrants.. The sheriff's office is filing with the D.A. for an additional warrant on felony reckless driving and evading a peace officer in a vehicle.