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Details emerge from Sunday's altercation in Ridgewood that turned fatal

It started with a 911 call— two men allegedly assaulted another man with a baseball bat at a house he was living at on Walnut Drive.

“Deputies arrived on scene they were met by a man outside the residence that was detaining one of the suspects,” Lt. Steve Knight with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office said.

Four people were in the house at the time: the male victim, his girlfriend, and two teenage boys. The victim told deputies that the two suspects allegedly pepper sprayed and assaulted him with their fists and with the bat. A nearby neighbor heard the commotion and came in to assist. The neighbor detained 30-year-old Joshua Sherer, the other suspect fled. His name is believed to be "Sam."  When deputies arrived on scene Sherer was unconscious, he was transported to Saint Joseph Hospital, but later died.

"Depending on how the autopsy turns out and what the Coroner's Office says— we don't know what other crimes might come out of this," Lt. Knight said.

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office said it’s likely it wasn’t a random act, and that the parties knew each other and had prior history.

"Detectives are actively trying to piece together with happened."

But they are still missing one of the sides of the story, Sam is still at large. 

"One of our goals right now— detectives are trying to locate Sam, he has not been interviewed."