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Development committee makes new push for harbor advancement

EUREKA- Humboldt Bay may see more development in the near future.

A committee dedicated to identifying development opportunities on the waterfront passed a resolution last night to begin drafting plans for marketing and job creation.

Representatives from the Board of Supervisors, the cities of Eureka and Arcata, the Humboldt Bay Harbor District as well as the Wiyot Tribe began meeting last year to find ways to develop the bay. Known as the Humboldt Bay Working Waterfront Opportunities Committee, the group has recently been at a stand still due to discrepancies between the representative agencies.

On Thursday the committee came to an agreement adopting a new resolution to identify and implement ways the agencies can work together to enhance economic development within a year’s time.

“Agencies have over time written all kinds of plans but nothing has come to fruition and what we hope is that this time something will actually happen, that they'll all agree on something that they feel is important to add jobs to the community and that they're going together find the money to make these things happen,” said Susana Munzell, chair of the Humboldt Bay Harbor Working Group.