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DHHS releases waste violations after long delay

After a long delay, the Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services Environmental Health Division released a list of hazardous waste violations that resulted in 30-thousand dollars in fines.

The violations range from mishandling of hazardous materials to improper equipment maintenance. Figas Construction, Hoopa Valley Ready-Mix, Antich Automotive and a PG&E transformer in Loleta were all found to be out of compliance.

The incidents took place over the last 5 years and the department says they’ve only just concluded the process due to administrative delays.

One business, Antich Automotive, was cited for spilling waste oil from an indoor tank in 2012.

The owner told us the spill was only 2 gallons, it didn't hit the soil, and that it shouldn't have broken any regulations.

Owner, Michael Connerley said, "I was surprised today that the health department had a press release. This was 5 years ago. They didn't catch me at anything. I told the truth."

The owner said the health department threatened to sue the auto shop for 68,000 dollars over the spill. 

The case was settled in 2016 with Antich Automotive paying 6,000 dollars in fines.