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Discovery Museum in Eureka receives grant

EUREKA- A hands-on museum for kids in Eureka will soon be receiving many improvements thanks to a nearly $50,000 grant. 

The Executive Director of Discovery Museum, Lynn Langdon, says they are in need of improvements.

"We want to be able to provide the best for our community, especially our children. And it's really, I'll say, embarrassing, when we tell the kids, 'This is the best we have for you. This broken exhibit," said Langdon.

So she and others made a presentation to the Eureka City Council in August about that need.  Then, the Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services decided to award a $49,000 grant to the museum.  That means there will be an updated grocery store exhibit, new carpet, more health food choices at the snack area, and a free class for parents looking for information about parenting.

"Also we are going to be holding a parent expo in the summer time where we will have resources for families to get their hands on different local agencies that serve the children in our community," Langdon said.

"I think it's phenomenal for parents to be able to get help in and assistance because not only always do our families live close by. So I think that's amazing to make parents strong and the best parents they can be," said Emily Barton, who has a 14 month old girl.

For more information about Discovery Museum, call 443-9694 or visit .