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District Attorney comments on Grigsby's guilty plea

HUMBOLDT COUNTY- Northwest killing spree suspect Holly Grigsby pleaded guilty to racketeering charges on Tuesday.
We spoke to Humboldt County District Attorney Paul Gallegos; he’s the original prosecutor in the case that took the life of four people, including Eureka man Reggie Clark. Gallegos has been working with Clark’s family and tells us justice has been served. “After talking with the family, we thought it was an appropriate disposition. The family ultimately what they want to do is make sure, as much as can be done under the law, that we’ve done everything we can to make sure these people can’t walk the streets again. The federal disposition is life without the possibility of parole. We have family members of the victim who are very grateful for that resolution,” said Gallegos. 
It all started in 2011 when Grigsby and her boyfriend, David Pedersen went on a violent road trip from Washington to California.  
According to the U.S. District Attorney’s Office the Racketeering charge covers all the crimes alleged in the case. Grigsby is due back in court for sentencing in June. 
As for Pedersen, Gallegos tells us he has not yet issued a plea and tonight remains in prison.