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Documentary about Eureka shark bite victim accepted into film festival

Nearly fifty films will be shown at the 11th annual San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival this year.  One of them will feature a north coast production company’s documentary about a Eureka man who was bitten by a shark while surfing. 

The first time filmmakers of the Jete-Miro Production Company were excited to receive the acceptance letter to the San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival.  They made “Great White Encounter: the Scott Stephens Story,” about the man who was attacked by a shark off the coast of Samoa Beach in December of 2012.

"It's a great honor.  It's not very easy to get into festivals these days, there are so many different entries.  There's thousands of people making films all the time," said Ted Okell, one of the filmmakers on the project and a member of the Jete-Miro Production Company.

They say making a film about something that happened in the North Coast makes the acceptance to the film festival even more special.

"We're local people and there's a lot of wonderful stories here in Humboldt County and it just seems logical for us to at least begin our filmmaking endeavors right here on the North Coast," said Michael McClimon, one of the filmmakers and a member of Jete-Miro.

The documentary took three months to complete, and focuses on the heroic efforts of many to save the life of Stephens. 

"We opened this story up a little bit to show bystanders can kind of come and help each other and you never know what's going to happen.  You never know who's going to be there at the right time," said Okell.

And on March 7th, people from all around will be able to see that story at San Francisco’s Bay Theater on Pier 39.

"It's very cool and very exciting for all of us.  We didn't really expect it, especially in an international film festival like the one in San Francisco.  There are entries from all over the world," said McClimon.

The next documentary the production company Jete-Miro is working on will be released in December.  It is about the 1964 flood.