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Domestic violence survivor speaks out against abuse

EUREKA- In the wake of a national domestic violence scandal, one woman here at home is speaking out about her own experience with abuse.

“When I first came to this town I was lost because I was just getting out of a very bad situation very bad domestic violence and ever since I came here, I’ve found a church to go to, they've helped me out with resources, I don’t know it's just getting better as I go along,” said Jessica, a domestic violence survivor.

Jessica arrived at eureka rescue mission’s women’s shelter just one month ago after courageously testifying against her abuser.

“What made me want to get out was because I’m pregnant and people were seeking to kill me because I testified on people and, I don't know, I was lead here by a stranger,” Jessica said.

Now recovering and rebuilding her life at the shelter, she is speaking out to all victims of domestic violence.

“Just to get out you know,” Jessica said. “Nobody deserves to be hurt the way I was and the way other women are. Just to get out and go to friends or family, or the mission where somebody will give you support and help you with what you're going through.”

And the emergency shelter is designed to help women like Jessica, providing food, a place to sleep, clothes and much more for free to any woman in need.

“We provide a safe place where all their needs are met here,” said Lisa Skidmore, director at the Eureka Rescue Mission Women and Children’s Emergency Shelter. “As they come in I almost see them like deer in the headlights, they're frightened and they don't even know if they're safe here but within a day or two you just see their face change and they get a peace about them and they know they're safe here and they know there are people here that genuinely do care about them in their situation even though we don't know them that well and we build that relationship with them.”

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence you can contact the Humboldt County Domestic Violence Services’ 24-hour crisis line at 707-443-6042 or Eureka Rescue Mission’s Women’s Shelter at 707-443-5016.