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Donor gives jewelry for Boys and Girls Club auction

EUREKA - The holidays are shining a little brighter for the Boys and Girls Club of Eureka who got some bling from a generous donor.

A local diamond collector has given about $10,000 worth of jewelry to the club for its annual auction. The auction has historically been held ever September but this year, the club has expanded to the web to reach even more people. The auction is a source of revenue for the club.

The money that the jewelry will bring will help the club continue to provide services for our youth.

"We've learned it costs about $504 per youth that we serve and we're serving right around 3,000 youth a year. So it gets to be a big cost just for us to keep the doors open and keep providing the programming for so many kids in the community,” Chris Nystrom, program development director for the Boys and Girls Club, said.