Dozens of Eureka properties placed in receivership

Dozens of properties in Eureka have been put into a receivership following a ruling from a Humboldt County judge.

The City of Eureka took the Squires family to court back in October. The City alleged that the Squires maintained 26 of their properties in Eureka “in a state of disrepair” that posed health threats to the tenants and public.

From October to December, the Honorable Dale A. Reinholtsen heard testimonies from both sides and received evidence. On December 4, the two parties agreed to submit post-trial closing briefs and began the waiting process for a ruling. It wouldn’t be until July 2 that they would receive an interim ruling.

The findings: that the properties did not constitute a public nuisance or put the public at risk, but did violate business and professions codes. The Court ruled that a receiver should be appointed to the 26 properties. The Court gave the two parties twenty days from the date of the ruling to nominate the receiver.

The Court appointed Jeffrey Smith as the receiver for the 26 properties on September 13. Smith has to do several tasks set forth in the interim ruling. One is to inspect each property with a City official and write a report regarding the conditions and if there are any code violations.

They’ll report back on November 4 with the Squires for a case management conference.