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Eagle and owl exhibits under construction at Sequoia Park Zoo

EUREKA- Construction is underway for two new exhibits at Sequoia Park Zoo.  One of those exhibits will feature America’s national bird.

The bald eagle and spotted owl exhibits, both part of Watershed Heroes, are expected to open this April. The Sequoia Park Zoo Foundation is collecting donations for the $200,000 project.  Cheyenne, an injured bald eagle, will be featured in one of the enclosures.  An injured spotted owl will be featured in the other.  A walk-in portion of the eagle enclosure is also under construction.

"The bald eagle and also the spotted owl are very beautiful and kind of hard to see close up birds.  Owls, especially, are really secretive, and the eagles, you tend to just not be able to approach them very closely.  And they're both so very beautiful.  They play a key role in our local habitats here and they've got great conservation stories and they're just really charismatic birds and people don't really know that unless they've spent close time with them," said Gretchen Ziegler, the Zoo Manager for Sequoia Park Zoo.

If you would like to make a donation for either of these exhibits, call the Sequoia Park Zoo Foundation at (707) 442-5649.