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Education Day held at Redwood Region Logging Conference

EUREKA- The Redwood Region Logging Conference at Redwood Acres in underway, and on Thursday, it was Education Day for more than a 1,000 local students.

“A lot of kids aren't exposed to the timber industry directly, they might hear things from adults, but they're not exposed to it directly.  So it's an opportunity to bring them here to the fairgrounds, to the conference so they can learn about it firsthand," said Mike Lommori, the President of the Redwood Region Logging Conference.

The Redwood Region Logging Conference provided bussing for all the schools.  Officials say it’s important to show kids how the industry is changing.

"It's gotten a lot smaller but it's continuing to evolve.  We're managing forests now.  We're not just going out and cutting everything and we're actually managing on a sustainable level,” Lommori said.

Children heard a demonstration from a Wildlife Biologist with the Green Diamond Resource Company who spoke about how wildlife species and their habitats are preserved in local logging operations.

"It's not common knowledge among the general public that we're actually managing for these wildlife species and we're managing to maintain habitat so these species have what they need to continue to survive and thrive in our environment,” said Lommori.

Kids also saw logging equipment from the past and present up close, and got to ride the Falk Steam Engine, which was used by the Elk River Mill and Lumber Company.  Kids say the conference taught them many things about logging.

"I've learned a lot of stuff, like how equipment functions," said Braxton Sylvies, a fourth grade student at Cuddeback Elementary School.

"It's really fun because you get to see a lot of different things maybe you haven't seen before," said Austin Chairez, a fourth grade student at Cuddeback Elementary School.

Some children say it's important to celebrate the local logging industry.

"I think it's really cool to learn about what's going on when other people are working and what's been used in the past," said Stella Drovnick-Sochovka, a sixth grade student at Jacoby Creek Elementary School.

The Redwood Region Logging Conference begins at 9 a.m. and runs through Saturday.  It is held at Redwood Acres, which is located at 3750 Harris Street in Eureka.