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Educators: Family involvement in students' education beneficial

EUREKA- The Parent Teacher Association “Take Your Family to School Week” is recognized nationally from February 17th to February 21st.  However, Eureka City Schools will not be in session during that week, so Washington Elementary School is celebrating early.  
Officials with PTA Washington Elementary School E say every week about 7000 high school students in the United States give up on their education.

"Every 27 seconds, a high school student drops out of school.  And they've shown that that actually starts in kindergarten if people aren't engaged in their students success, then they don't feel like they want to continue," said David Wickizer, the First Vice President for PTA Washington Elementary School.

They say parent involvement and support can help keep that from happening.  And Monday, at Washington Elementary School, it was the first day for “Take Your Family to School Week,” where students got to enjoy lunch with their families at school.

"Any time they can be involved in their students' school career, I think it just makes kids more accountable for getting their work done and following through and I think parents also have a better idea of what's going on in school," said Jennifer Johnson, the Principal of Washington Elementary School.

Tuesday will be Family Education Night, where a variety of agencies in the area will be educating children and families on subjects ranging from how to dial 911 and what information you need to provide, to how to have proper dental hygiene.  Wednesday parents will be welcome to attend the school’s daily morning meeting. Thursday will be Family Math Night, where more than 100 prizes be given out.  Friday will be Volunteer Day where parents will be encouraged to volunteer at the school.

"It's just good to see what the kids are doing and see their classroom and get to know their teacher a little bit more," said Tracy Nord, a parent.

“I love having the opportunity to participate in my children's school.  I think it's fun.  I think it's exciting," said Sarah Battle, a parent.
"We feel by doing that, there will be less students who drop out of high school later on in their education," Wickizer said.
Students from any school in the area in grades kindergarten through 5th, as well as their families, are welcome to come to Washington Elementary School to participate in the Family Education Night or Thursday’s Family Math Night.  Family Education Night starts Tuesday at 5:45 p.m.