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Elementary school students from around Humboldt County attend Redwood Environmental Fair

EUREKA- More than 2,000 elementary school students from around Humboldt County were at the College of the Redwoods Thursday and Friday for the 28th annual Redwood Environmental Fair.

"These students really enjoy getting out of the classroom, having some hands-on activities, walking across the College of the Redwoods' beautiful campus in the sunshine and participating in activities that they have hands on learning about science.  So it's exciting at the end of the year," said Melody McGuire, the Coordinator of the Redwood Environmental Fair.

The fair is sponsored by the Humboldt County Office of Education and the College of the Redwoods.  Students had the opportunity to participate in 30 activities related to recycling, wildlife rehabilitation, redwood forests and alternative energy sources. The two-day event also provided children with the chance to see wild animals up close. Organizers say the fair is designed to have students develop an understanding and appreciation for the environment early in life.

"These children will be the ones that are our future, the ones that we're hoping are going to solve some of the issues that we're having with pollution, and trash island, and air pollution, and vehicles that don't have to use gas.  So I think it's really important for them to start at a young age to be aware of that, to be aware of recycling, so they may possibly choose careers that help us in the future," McGuire said.